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CG Incubation bridges the gap between idea and implementation. Develop your idea into a viable proposition today!

How We Help

If you’re wondering how to uniquely and efficiently define and move an idea for an innovative solution to something concrete you are in the right place. Combustion Group’s Incubation Process does just that. Joining the CG Incubation Process will enable you to say “I thought of that and I did something about it” rather than “I thought of that.. I wish I had done something with that idea”. Click the arrow to learn more about how we can help guide your idea to reality with CG’s Incubation Process.

What to Look For in An Incubator Program

It is important to find an incubator that is the best fit for your business. Family or colleagues may have your best interests at heart but often can’t give you the independent, well researched, honest advice you need. How will you find the resources necessary to get your project to either a demonstration mode, or working for your customers? Is there a real opportunity that is being underserved that you can fix? What does a competitive analysis look like? Does your business require resources outside of your ability?

CG’s Incubator Program offers:

Idea creation
Innovation starts with an idea. Sometimes those ideas are solidified, others need further research and development of various elements to make them whole. The Combustion team will work to determine if your product or service idea is something that has ‘legs’, and, if needed, will work with you to develop it further. We are your coach, your research team, your advisors and your partners in thorough, proper execution and go-to-market strategies.
Business and Financial Plans

Preparing business and financial plans are crucial for giving your business direction, defining your objectives, mapping out strategies to achieve your goals and manage possible bumps in the road. These plans are important tools for understanding how your business is put together, defining short and long term goals, strategy to achieve them and how you drive the future. Thorough plans are crucial to venture capitalists determining whether to invest in a startup.

Connections to Investors

A challenge for most startups is that it is much harder to get your startup funded than it was in the past, simply because there are so many startups vying for much-coveted funding. Combustion’s Incubator Program connects you with investors. We will introduce you and, after completion of our thorough incubator program, you will be well prepared to present your business to venture capitalists for consideration of start up capital.

Demonstration Model

While plans and spreadsheets are impressive, and necessary to show investors, so is the product and it’s branding. Combustion will design a realistic model that will convey your brand, the attributes of your product, a user friendly intuitive experience and overall look and feel of your product.

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I wouldn’t use anyone else but Combustion for our tech and marketing needs. They’ve helped our business skyrocket.
-Ameri Law Firm