badge platinum award winner 2018
badge platinum award winner 2018

We build awesome websites for America’s 
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Combustion’s award-winning developers have launched hundreds of websites with a track-record of delivering on-budget and on-time.

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    Our unique approach to development, design, and marketing breeds industry leaders.

    Dello Russo

    For the man who Howard Stern called “The Godfather of Lasik” we wanted to create a website that would stay true to the brand and convert large amounts of leads. With Dello Russo’s new site and Combustion’s marketing abilities we were able to capture thousands of new leads per month with each converted lead worth at least $4,000 a piece.
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    For world-renowned diet brand Dexatrim we created and maintain an e-commerce website that drives thousands of dollars of sales per day. With Combustion’s expertise their conversion rate nearly doubled from their previous website.
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    When the Fundit team wanted to create a live investment TV show where viewers could invest alongside the professional panelists, we were up to the challenge. Using the latest technologies including, live streaming and instantaneous cross-device communication we were able to create both a live TV show and an online funding portal. We also helped the Fundit team secure startup funding to make their idea a reality.
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    For the fitness industry leading Shredz, we needed to create a custom website that could handle million of dollars a month in sales. The project was a breakout success with a Black Friday launch that blew away the client’s expectations.
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    Stacker 2

    For popular diet/energy brand Stacker2 we created and maintain an e-commerce website that drives thousands of dollars of sales per day. We’ve doubled their conversion rate and dropped their bounce rate significantly.
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    Bad Ass Weed Killer

    Bad Ass Weed Killer is an all natural weed eliminating spray safe for kids and pets. While they’re expanding their retail footprint, they came to us for a e-commerce solution which was delivered on time and under budget.
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    Bloom & Birch is a high-end floral service that delivers real flowers that last over a year. For this client we created a custom WordPress site for their nationwide shipping needs.
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    For our client Inappropriate we created a world class e-commerce website for a nautical-themed clothing and apparel line.
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    Shepherd Meats

    For our client Shepherd Meats we developed a top-of-the-line e-commerce website for their nationwide fresh meat delivery service with custom features such as location-based delivery dates, meat selection graphs and more.

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      What our customers say

      “I have a small online business and had a website designed for me by a local company. Months passed by and my business stayed flat. I asked for opinions and people told me that the website was lacking. Thru searches I came upon the company Combustion and read up about them and they seemed perfect. I set up a consultation and they worked with me to set up a new website and how they could draw more customers thru web searches. The design of the website was awesome, it was much easier to navigate then my previous website and my customers were happy. Since the launch of the new website my business has grown by over 20%. Excellent job guys.”

      William C
      William C

      “We have had a family owned business with several locations for over 70 years, the business was doing great. but as time passed and many of our clientele moved or passed on, business started to stagger, we decided it was finally time to launch a website and start doing some business online, a friend recommended Combustion because of the work they did for the company he works for. I spoke with Dan and Mike and they couldn’t be friendlier and more understanding of what I was looking for especially since I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for one. Their company designed an attractive, easy to navigate website that got a lot of attention. We now do nearly 15% of our business online.”

      John D
      John D

      “Wanted a way for our graduating class in high school to be able to stay in contact with one another, talk about what’s going on, upcoming reunions and gatherings, announcements and news. We met with the people at Combustion and they designed a perfect website that was well within our budget. ”

      Fran F
      Fran F

      “I have three small businesses and all my websites and apps have been designed by Combustion and with great success. I highly recommend their company, they are easy to work with, always available and couldn’t be happier to work with you. Thanks Dan and Mike.”

      Peter S
      Peter S

      We help bring
your ideas to reality

      If you’re wondering how to uniquely and efficiently define and move an idea for an innovative solution to something concrete you are in the right place. Combustion Group’s Incubation Process does just that. Joining the CG Incubation Process will enable you to say “I thought of that and I did something about it” rather than “I thought of that.. I wish I had done something with that idea”.
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      We value relationships. We do business with those we know, like and trust. We hope you do too. Our no obligation free consultation guve us all a chance to get to know one another. We’ll learn about your challenges and goals. We will share more about our process, how it works and what you can expect to move your ideas to reality.

      Business/Idea Generation

      Are you on the brink of an idea that’s not fully come together? Is your intuition telling you “you just might have something”? We’ll work through the concept, thought process, research possible competition and assess whether or not this has “legs” to meet your goals and expectations. We’ll coach you toward an end product that is viable and worthy of investor presentation.


      All great products provide user friendly, memorable branded design for ease of use. Apple products are a perfect example of how design and development walk hand in hand. CG designs all apps and websites with the best practices for intuitive user experiences and brand development for long term recognition.


      Our upfront, in-depth market research will examine your market and competition. Contrary to populary belief, you don’t have to be first to market, if you do not have competitors, we will identify them, and provide a go-to-marketing strategy. With CG, you won’t spend a lot of time, effort and money to develop a product or solution only to discover that no one wants to purchase it. Our marketing team will help identify whether or not your idea has “legs” and make recommendations based on measurable research. We will help tweak your idea if need be based on this research.

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