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Dello Russo Laser Vision Case Study

NY/NJ Based Dello Russo Laser Vision, was founded by LASIK eye surgery pioneer Dr. Joseph Dello Russo in 1994. Since then, it has grown to a multiple locations laser surgery practice across the NY/NJ metropolitan area. When the Dello Russo’s came to Combustion Group for help, their surgical schedule had slowed, and they recognized that their old business practices and website were outdated. While having an ongoing ad spend for radio, Dello Russo Laser Vision didn’t have an end-to-end solution and weren’t seeing the conversions and ROI they’d hoped for.

Combustion Group began with a website audit to identify errors and opportunities. It was quickly apparent that their old website had problems:

  • Poor site navigation
  • Slow page load speeds
  • No Search Engine Optimization
  • Issues with loading above the fold content
  • Duplicate content
  • Inability to make quick content edits and updates Website didn’t convert

As a result, site visitors weren’t converting to prospects at an acceptable rate. Their site’s Analytical analysis tells us that was in fact happening, was that site visitors were crawling the site, spending little to no time on each page as they were trying to find the information they were looking for but couldn’t find. They then abandoned the site rather than engage with it.
It was clear that Dello Russo Laser Vision needed an engaging new website visitors would easily navigate and that would enable lead generation in order to fill their surgical calendars.

Combustion Group collected and researched information that lead to identifying and creating methods to attract, inform and engage with potential patients in a more targeted and data-driven way to grow procedure volume. In addition to the design and development of a new website, Combustion Group’s end-to-end marketing strategy includes branding, content development, social media, SEO, video, and PPC advertising.

Solutions Included:

  • Created a new, highly converting website
  • SEO for maximum ROI
  • Content Development
  • Social Media
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Social media retargeting campaigns
  • CRM Sales Training to the client’s sales team

While building the new site, AdWords advertising and social media remarketing campaigns were created to increase awareness and lead to patient conversions. AdWords resulted in over 160 conversions in the 1st Quarter and click through rates of various AdWord Campaigns reached as high as 7.64%, in an industry where the average CTR is approximately 2.5%.

“We wanted to drive the right leads to our website and nurture them right through to sales qualification, while measuring effectiveness and ROI of the Digital Marketing activities. Combustion Group was our solution.” said Stephanie Dello Russo, Practice Manager.

BEFORE: Dated colors, boring call to action, no sense of urgency to act quickly, confusing location references, no navigation to procedures

AFTER: Energetic appealing image, easy to find navigation, multiple call to actions for lead generation, counter to encourage quick engagement, clear media social proof.