idea generation in new product development

What are the Steps For Idea Generation In New Product Development?

The idea generation is an iterative process that all business organizations require to figure out solutions to a number of arduous challenges. It involves the criteria of selecting the best idea, creating a strategic plan and implementing the idea into practice. Here are some steps for idea generation in new product development that will assist you to stay on the curve and rule the market.

The first and foremost stage of a new product is ideation. Ideas come from everywhere, can be in any form and can be numerous. This stage of ideation involves creating a large pool of ideas from various resources including:

Internal Sources:

The unbeatable source of idea generation starts from internal sources. Many companies are paying incentives to their employees to come up with workable ideas.

Market Research:

Companies are constantly keeping an eye on the volatile market to review the changing needs, requirements and trends that are loved by all.


Company’s SWOT analysis can help you with ideation. Take a look at the offering at your rivals and find vulnerabilities and cons before strategizing your idea.

SWOT analysis:

Business organizations may require their weakness, strengths, opportunities and threats to come up with a feasible idea.


 Interviewing your consumers will definitely help you to generate best ideas. You can conduct various review sessions and polls in order to come up with the best.

The idea is sound, the product has been tested and you are confident with your focus group research that customers are ready. You might be wondering about the crucial factors responsible for the success of a new product.

So, what are the most important factors to launch your new product?

You should be aware of what your potential customers like and don’t like. There should be no conjecture into your marketing campaigns. Thorough some market researches should be undertaken in order to create a positive impact before launching your final product. Equally important is to be aware of your contemporaries marketing strategies and the range of products they offer. You don’t want to launch only to find out that your competitor is bringing out a newer or cheaper product the next day. Not every product takes off and flies off immediately, you may need to re-furbish your marketing strategy or even a re-launch may be required because of volatile circumstances. Having a flexible and strategic marketing strategy will enable you to grasp the track tightly with the assurance about the ultimate success of your product.

Now that you are aware of importance of idea generation in business, select the best ideas after short-listing the ones that meet the predetermined criteria. Keep in mind that wise implement of these ideas will directly affect your final product launch. Creating a prototype before final launching of your product is strictly advisable for new comers. For any further information about idea generation and detailed quotations you can contact various companies working in this sector.